Creativity and talent, on their own, are not enough to launch and nurture a profitable fashion business. A successful fashion entrepreneur also needs the ability to promote and ultimately sell their designs. While marketing is important for increasing your visibility and brand recognition, it’s your sales strategy that really speaks to your prospective customers and […]

It’s no surprise that social media is super important when it comes to your business. Social media is how you connect with clients and potential customers; it’s how you give your company and brand that authentic personal touch. But the whole marketing aspect of social media is tough. It’s more than just a few tweets […]

One of the toughest things about social media is the pressure to “keep up with the trends.” Social media, for better or for worse, is always changing, and it can be difficult to stay on top of things. If you want to remain relevant in the coming year, there’s a handful of things you should […]

Social media is the future of marketing.  Of course succeeding in social media requires having clear goals and quality content. This means high quality pictures, video, and captions. However, it also requires knowing a few of the “secret” tips and tricks that help get that content in front of a larger audience.  From proper use […]

1 | Create pin-able post titles Your blog or article title is the most important part of your content, it can determine your post click thru rate. For example, a post title like 4 days in the French Countryside could generate more blog traffic with actionable, urgent words like 8 spots you must see in […]

1. eBooks/PDFs eBook freebies are great because they provide your audience with content they can download and read whenever and wherever they go. Your eBooks should include useful information that readers in your niche will find useful! Some people think it’s too time-consuming to create an eBook but that’s not the case at all. It’s […]

Unfortunately for many entrepreneurs wait until their venture becomes popular before they look into their legal obligations and this is a recipe for disaster! There are many things you need to look into legally as your business is building. Scaling is very difficult to master; in fact the number one reason a startup fails is […]

Marketing often sounds easy, especially when you read about success stories from people who made it – and are trying to sell you their path to success. And when you try to learn, copy and find your own strategy, you also have to learn your lessons. Because Marketing is not simple and most of the […]

How to Get Your First Client To help you get your first client we compiled a list of 10 simple strategies below.  To ensure you don’t become overwhelmed and exhausted, don’t try to do all of the things on this list at once. Rather, pick four or five ideas that resonate with you and focus […]

Small business marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it does take time and effort to develop and execute a full range of low-cost or no-cost marketing tools. Before spending a dime on marketing, you need to be clear about your business goals and ensure your marketing strategy supports those goals. “Every small business […]

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