The second half of each year is the season for cross-border e-commerce sellers. Halloween is no exception. It is reported that in North America and Europe last year, 10 logistics center employees sorted, packaged and distributed more than 1 million customer packages in one day.

Although the holiday promotion time of Halloween is not long, the amount of the creation is not to be underestimated, accounting for more than 15% of the whole year. Which products are worth a try under the “flow entry” festival of Halloween? Which products are easy to break your sales?

Seller has always expected customers to quickly find what they want in they store, and before they have strong purchasing power, they have products that are just right for customers to trigger product sales.

Melepaskan kerja (makan gaji) bukanlah sesuatu yang mudah. Hati kata mahu, tetapi logik akal pula takut macam-macam..betul tak ?. Takut tiada sumber pendapatan, takut tidak dapat menyara diri, takut bisnes tidak menjadi dan pelbagai jenis ketakutan. Apabila kita bekerja dengan orang lain, realiti yang harus kita lalui adalah kita ‘tidak bebas’.Artikel ini bukan menyuruh anda berhenti bekerja makan gaji, tetapi tulisan ini adalah untuk mereka yang sudah sampai masanya untuk melangkah dengan kaki sendiri dan keluar daripada ‘penjara masa’. Antaranya ialah ;

- Tidak bebas membuat keputusan walaupun keputusan itu bagus.
- Tidak bebas untuk melakukan sesuatu yang kreatif walaupun ia memang kreatif.
- Tidak bebas untuk bergerak semasa waktu bekerja. Contohnya masuk kerja 8.00 pagi dan balik 5.00 petang dan juga tidak boleh sesuka hati keluar tanpa sebab.

Amazon product management and inventory clearance are an important part of Amazon's operational skills. Let us introduces some common Amazon product inventory management skills and tools for online sellers to help you achieve product management efficiently.

1. Products classification management

Whether it's big sellers or novice stores, we have to keep aware of product management when we talk about Amazon's product management. Especially when there are more and more types of products in the store, we must first distinguish the products. This is the “product classification management" that we want to introduce below.

Bisnes dropship memang mudah dengan modal yang sangat sedikit mahupun tanpa sebarang modal pun sudah boleh memiliki bisnes online dropship anda sendiri. Selain itu, anda juga tidak perlu menguruskan barang, penghantaran dan sebagainya yang menyebabkan bisnes dropship ini sebagai pilihan ramai orang.


Apabila anda menjalankan bisnes online dropship, anda akan memberikan sebahagian besar pengurusan bisnes online anda kepada orang lain. Selepas anda membuat pesanan kepada dropshipper (pembekal), anda tidak tahu apa yang berlaku selepas itu. Anda juga tidak membuat pembungkusan mahupun penghantaran. Jadi adakah anda tahu barang apa yang terdapat dalam bungkusan dan bila masa ianya dihantar dan sebagainya?

Ya betul, semua itu diluar kawalan anda.

Disini saya akan merungkaikan beberapa masalah yang mungkin terjadi dan bagaimana untuk mengatasinya terutamanya untuk yang nak mulakan bisnes dropship dan mereka yang sedang buat bisnes dropship.

Anda sudah sedia nak tahu? jom kita lihat beberapa masalahnya

People who do e-commerce understand the importance of social media, but do you know what content you want to post on Facebook tomorrow? Next week? Planning your business content ahead of time is a key part of building effective social media operations. Unfortunately, for many business owners, content planning is often put aside.

It's not surprising – as an entrepreneur, your time is usually spent on urgent tasks: shipping, handling complaints, and getting your business ahead of the competition. You are very busy and don't have time to think about Tweets and Pins.

There are many ways to make money online, some of which are easy to operate, some require skills. In addition, the differences in income is huge. From less than one hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. What is the difference between them?

The ways to earn money are too much. You'd better be able to select a net profit project with a large potential income. Put in all effort to build and maintain. Start thinking about other online earning method after you have earn some capital.

Instagram Stories is the feature that lets users publish photos and videos that only live on the platform for 24 hours. In case you’re not familiar, it’s Instagram’s take on Snapchat, and it’s been flourishing ever since it launched. Instagram is now up to one billion users, and they continue to roll out more and more interesting ways for you, a fashion startup, to connect with your audience. How do you keep up and navigate these changes, without getting too distracted from running all the other parts of your fashion business?

It is very difficult to find a customer. Why can't you find a customer? Is it a problem with your products? Is it your effort are not enough? Is it the way you doing business are wrong? In some areas, there are problems that cannot be overcome by improving yourself... There are many reasons for this.

Studies have shown that the reason why there are fewer customer groups in underperforming sales is that they often make one or more of the following three mistakes:

The holidays are coming !!!

Are you prepared?

Just because the holidays are a time when people are buying, doesn’t mean it’s a time when they are buying your stuff. You need to have a strategy for getting those sales.You have to have an aggressive plan, a course of action, and specific ideas on what you’re going to do. If you’re famous for being vague, you better nip that now.

After weeks of planning, strategizing, and creating your marketing campaign, and it falls flat after it launches. What do you do now? Is it just stop your marketing campaign? It is important on how you respond. You need to figure out what went wrong so you can make the adjustments.

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why your marketing campaign may have failed, and how to avoid these mistakes.

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