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😎 Limited time bypass purchase limit for new user/existing prepaid user 😎
Hi dear valued agents!
For non prepaid member , you can buy and checkout without limit. Previously, our system only allow minimum 10 items to checkout or require prepaid membership to unlock the minimum 10 items purchase rules.

For prepaid member, you no need to top up minimum RM250 again if you credit is not enough to pay, you just need to pay as your checkout amount.

Now you can buy 1 items to checkout and no need to become prepaid membership. Hurry up! limited time bypass only ! After 22 Jun 2018, you will need to become prepaid member to bypass the limit.

** No Minimum Item Purchase For Prepaid members!
for more about membership detail , please click here

Whizet Prepaid Membership

At WHIZET.com , we offer prepaid membership discount. Prepaid membership means members have to pay in advance in order to enjoy the discount rate. Prepaid amount will be credited into members account and will be used to pay for orders later.

You can prepay following the below membership packages and enjoy the discount rate.

Usual How our system limit purchase work:

Non Prepaid Membership User/ New User Prepaid Membership User
Need to minimum purchase 10 items to checkout and buy. Need Top Up minimum RM250 to bypass the minimum purchase and use prepaid credit to checkout and buy. If run out of credit , need top up minimum RM250 agian.


Non Prepaid Membership User/ New User Prepaid Membership User
No more minimum 10 items. Paid as you buy. If you run out of credit, no need top up minimum RM250 agian. Just pay as your amount at checkout.