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VS003 Instamaxx : The Ultimate Man Enhancement (10 pills Per Box)
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INSTAMAXX  : 10 Powerful Pills Per Box

VS003 Instamaxx : The Ultimate Man Enhancement (10 pills Per Box)

Instamaxx is the ultimate fast acting male enhancement formula that safely and seriously increases sexual energy and rock hard erections.

Instamaxx is a safe, natural formulation of herbs and botanicals with the proven ability to promote optimum blood flow to the penis for longer, stronger and harder erections - each and every time you take it.

Our Customers recommend Instamaxx!

Don't believe us, believe our customers. They're the ones who report the results. Longer-lasting, bigger-than-ever erections, stronger ejaculations, multiple orgasms. Making you feel very, very male. Many customers report that they experience amazingly fast and natural arousal and heighten response to stimulation giving them real staying power and stamina for extended sexual performance. Almost all customers reported an immediate and significant increase in sex drive and libido.

So Your Sex Life Could Use A Boost? Join The Club.

Almost everyone feels the effects of stress, aging, lack of energy, loss of desire, too-fast lifestyles, too much work or worry or even more serious erectile dysfunctions on their sex life from time to time. Instamaxx is the answer you've been looking for!

Instamaxx is safer and more effective than many brand name products for erection enhancement or herbal products for sexual enhancement (especially those containing Yohimbe) which can have side-effects or potential drug interactions ranging from annoying to life threatening.

Instamaxx starts working in less than 1 hour and keeps working for 12 to 48 hours or more. This was demonstrated in real consumer trials. Of course, individual results may vary but our on-going customer survey indicates that theses averages apply to over 93% of men.

SAFE & NATURAL POWER. Amazingly Effective Herbs.

Tongkat Ali is an acknowledged and proven male aphrodisiac that will also increase your energy and stamina, just like it does for body-builders and weight-lifters around the world who use Tongkat Ali instead of harmful steroids to improve their athletic performance. It will safely and seriously increase your virility, potency and sex drive. It will safely and seriously improve your energy, stamina and naturally increase the free testosterone in your body to improve your libido and sex drive.

The other traditional herbs in Instamaxx are proven to promote blood flow, smooth blood circulation, remove stasis and increase the oxygenation of blood. These herbs do naturally what Viagra and other drugs do chemically, enhancing blood flow to the groin and penis, giving you the hardest, largest, stiffest erections fact more than you probably thought was possible.

The formulation of herbs in Instamaxx produces effects which other products don't begin to accomplish. Even if they could, most herbal formulas say that they need time to take effect. Why? Because they're not Instamaxx. Instamaxx works now. Not next month, not next week, not even tomorrow. In less than 1 hour, you'll know what it's like to be rock-hard and ready for the best sex you've had in years - perhaps ever.

Of course, there are other effective enhancement herbs that aren't in Instamaxx' formula. Perhaps you've heard about Yohimbe and perhaps you've even heard that it, too, works effectively.

Herbal Libido Enhancer - Testosterone benefits and effectiveness

VS003 Instamaxx : The Ultimate Man Enhancement (10 pills Per Box)

Instamaxx - Getting Started

The world of enhancement pills and impotency drugs can be confusing! Let's see if we can make some sense out of all this, so you can see why Instamaxx is the right choice!

First There are the chemical compounds like ViagraTM, LevitraTM and CialisTM as well as generic and grey market versions (many of them manufactured in countries like India that don't respect U.S. patents). Classified as drugs, these products were created to help men suffering from various forms of serious erectile dysfunction and they are regulated by the FDA (in the US).

The drugs were created for one specific purpose, to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction, often caused by medical conditions or as side-effects of other medicines or drugs.

In short, they do this by trapping the blood flow in the penis. Thus, the feeling users have of a blood rush, or blood pounding in the ears or "blue vision", all side effects of the drugs interaction with your circulatory system.

Their effects last anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the brand and your own health or medical condition.

As chemical compounds, these drugs can have interactions (sometimes dangerous) with other drugs (whether prescribed or not), that can affect their efficacy and your safety, especially interactions with nitrates. That's why they need to be prescribed by your doctor.

The branded versions of these drugs are more expensive but quality controlled; the grey market imports are less expensive but many don't have strictly supervised quality control.

Second Comes the herbal supplements. These are products which use naturally occuring herbs - or so you would think. Often, the "herbal supplements" contain chemicals addditives, usually the same chemicals found in ViagraTM et al, to provide effect. Other herbal products use Yohimbe for effectiveness, an herb which has been banned in a number of countries because of side effects from long-term use. Other herbal products require you to take them for weeks or months before you'll see any real benefit, if ever.

How Does Instamaxx Compare?

Honestly, we think we're in a class all our own. Instamaxx is herbal, natural and safe, just like the best of the herbal supplements. At the same time, our ingredients and formula are so potent, with immediate effectiveness and long-lasting duration. that we're just like the best of the prescription drugs, although much less expensive. And, with additional benefits to your energy, stamina, libido, sex drive - even athletic performance - we're really better than any of them.

  • Instamaxx isn't a drug, it's an herbal formulation of 100% natural ingredients with no chemical additives or adulteratives.
  • As an herbal formulation, Instamaxx isn't subject to the US FDA in the same way that drugs are, but Instamaxx is manufactured according to international standards and is batch tested for purity, quality and to detect contaminants, ensuring your safety.
  • In fact, Instamaxx is so safe and so natural that you won't have to worry about side effects or drug interactions.
  • Instamaxx' main ingredient, Tongkat Ali, is recognized as an effective testosterone and libido enhancing herb.
  • Instamaxx' unique formula is so potent that you will feel its effects within 1 hour and those effects will last for 12 to 24 hours or even longer - just like the expensive prescription drugs.
  • Instamaxx offers a range of additional benefits - to your health and your sex life - like enhanced sex drive and libido, increased energy and stamina - that make it quite unique.

It's Safe.

We have both the testing and consumer evidence to prove that Instamaxx has few side-effects, contra-indications and drug interactions. Instead of long-term side-effects, Instamaxx has long-term benefits for you, your sex life and your body.

It's Pure.

Our world-wide sales and import licenses ensure that Instamaxx is produced in a GMP-certified factory. Our latest lab reports confirm that Instamaxx is indeed safe for consumption.

It's Effective.

Most of this web site is dedicated to information about Instamaxx' effectiveness, so let's just mention a couple of key points: independent testing has verified both its almost instant reaction time and substantial effective duration; there are also volumes of evidence, from research to personal experience to support the effectiveness of Instamaxx' formula and ingredients.

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