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Membership Discounts

At , we offer prepaid membership discount. Prepaid membership means members have to pay in advance in order to enjoy the discount rate. Prepaid amount will be credited into members account and will be used to pay for orders later.

You can prepay following the below membership packages and enjoy the discount rate:

Prepaid Membership :

Membership Top Up Required Minimum Per Order Discount
Standard RM 250 No No
Golden RM 500 No 5%
Diamond RM 1000 No 7%
Ultimate RM 2500 No 9%
VIP RM 5000 No 12%
Super VIP RM 8000 No 13%

* The prepaid amount is not a membership fee. It is an advance payment and will be used to pay for your orders later.

* Discount does not apply to shipping fees.

Important Notes :

- Dropship service is available to prepaid members only.

- For membership activation, please inform us once prepaid payment made.

- Once membership activated, you will see your current membership and prepaid balance at your member center.

- Membership price will be shown after you logged in to your account.

- No minimum purchase. Prepaid members can place order even with 1 item.

- Items are reserved and considered sold once order placed. No cancellation of order is allowed.

- You can choose order advice as on hold if you want to keep the prepaid order first in case you want to combine it with future orders and ship out all together at once to reduce shipping cost.

- Available balance will be used automatically to pay for order placed.

- User balance and transaction history can be checked at member center.

- If balance is not enough to pay for full order amount, another top up is required for the current membership.

- Membership discount will not be applied or will be downgraded if the amount required is not met for each top up.

- Strictly NO REFUND after prepaid payment paid.

Examples :

1. Customer A is already a golden member. She made an order of RM700. She only has RM500 at her balance, another RM500 is required for top up to enjoy the 5% discount.

2. Customer B is already a diamond member. She left balance RM200 at her account. She made an order of RM600. She wants to top up another RM500 only, membership will be downgraded and she will enjoy 5% discount for that order.

* reserved the rights to change or alter the discount program for any reason at any time without notice.